Spotify - Juke Box (play on demand)

The Spotify 'add-on' interacts with spotify.
enJOY full albums & playlists; play on demand with the previous / next button in the player. The one and only thing you need is an account. Or even better: the Premium account without commercials for full expercience. So; get Spotify and/or login!

Spotify plays 30 seconds of every song but when you login (once) to your webplayer you can toggle the 30 sec player into full play after refreshing the page. Try it out here or go to 'Search' and click # before every album name. enJOY your Juke Box.

! Login once to your webplayer and refresh CAA to play full albums.
! The free edtion has commercials.
! Full experience with Google Chrome Browser/ get it now
eJAY- webmaster CAA