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Welcome on Classic Album Art. Please just listen to Station 21 (and read) for a moment. Embrace the sound of Vinyl and enjoy some of the Old Masters. Aren't they still amazing!? The Old Masters of that First Vinyl Era!? Maybe you want to mute the music! But if you like the music, you are ready for a story! Listen and read my story....

the Story of Classic Album Art

'Once upon a time... on a planet that was not yet digitally remastered... there was a place that sounded warm & sometimes scratchy... a place where a 'Black Vinyl Sun' made my world go round in 33/45 rpm... a place where the Old Masters revealed their musical treasures and served their 'Black Vinyl Sun' in breathtaking artistic packages...'

Today, I still enJOY the Music of that vinyl-era of the 60', 70' and early 80', but in July 2012, I also started to wonder about the cover stories behind those Classics.... Classic Album Art was born with a great 'Little Juke Box'

eJAY, webmaster CAA

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CAA has selected 180 TOP Classic Albums yet. enJOY this little Juke Box filled with Great Music, Coverstories, Artist Art Galleries, Station 21 Radio and a studio with playlists on YouTube & Spotify - Ready to discover.

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It all started with CAA-site, but there are many ways to knock on my door.

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About me

Hello, I'm eJAY, born in 1961 in the Netherlands, and webmaster of Classic Album Art. What more to say!?

- happily married
- father of two daughters
- teacher
- open minded
- music lover

I love the Roots of Rock. See it as an inheritance of my age. But there's so much more to discover! Visit CAA and you know what I mean!