Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks - 1975

Blood on the Tracks is probably the most remarkable album of Dylan. It is one of his most prized albums from a musical point of view. But despite this, it is also an album with many changes before it was officially in stores.

Dylan had recorded this album in its entirety in New York and then returned to Minnesota for the winter holidays. There he played the tapes for his brother David who felt that they should not be pressed as they were. The sound was too bleak and bitter. So they decided to recut 5 tracks in Minnesota with local musicians: 'Tangled Up In Blue', 'You’re A Big Girl Now', 'Idiot Wind', 'If You See Her, Say Hello' and 'Lily, Rosemary and The Jack Of Hearts'. They ended up quite different from the New York versions, with both subtle and significant lyrical and musical changes.

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